Interview w/ Tokyo Diiva

22 05 2008

Tokyo Diiva Rollerz

Here’s an interview with Tokyo Diiva from Blog Talk Radio.

Show: Roc Prince + MIBES

Episode: #19

Date: April 25, 2008

Listen to the INTERVIEW!


Toyko Diiva and Juice Krew

1 05 2008

Juice Krew NYC

So you look at the picture of these NYC teenagers and you think, “Have they lost their collective mind?” The answer is no. For them, I think they’ve just found it. Tokyo Diiva has been on my radar for some time now because she wrote the theme song to one of my favorite TV shows The Bad Girls Club. But she seems to be making a name for herself and therefore her crew. I’m not gonna try to categorize the music. Just have a listen. Also, check out her mySpace page. (WARNING: If you suffer from epilepsy or have seizures, you might not want to click the link. However, if you’re colorblind, click away.

Tokyo Diiva

(Tokyo Diiva is center.)

Anyways, listen to the theme song to the TV show. And visit her MySpace to listen to my favorite song “Skittles n Juice. And watch the video for another song by Tokyo, “Rollerz Out.”

You’ve gotta enjoy it.

Tokyo Diiva – The Bad Girls Club Theme

Tokyo Diiva – Rollerz Out