Carb Day!!!!

12 05 2008

Um, so I’m even more excited about Carb Day after seeing this:

STP Carb Day Ad in NUVO!

(Ad taken from NUVO)


Black Girl + White Schools = Miller Lite Carb Day

7 05 2008

STP @ Carb Day 2008I desperately want to go to this year’s Miller Lite Carb Day Concert. My #1 favorite rock band is playing this year–STONE TEMPLE PILOTS!! What’s even better about this concert is that STP broke up about 5 years ago–aaaand– Scott Weiland is in and out of rehab so much that this might be one of the last times he’s seen alive. (I hope not, but his addiction has the best of him.)

So, in celebration of the wonderful reunion of STP, my middle school and high school memories and general rock ‘n’ roll wonderfulness, here’s one of my favorite STP songs.

Dead + Bloated