808s + Heartbreak Custom Nikes

22 12 2008

All of Kanye’s new stuff has been banned from my listening devices.  808s and heartbreak breaks my heart (and hurts my ears) to listen to, but I feel no hesitation posting about these custom AF1s inspired by the 808s + Heartbreak artwork and Kanye’s “geek chic” attire.

Sneaker customizers MACHE and emmanueLabor created the ultimate in sneaker art.  From the houndstooth plaid, to the Kaws artwork featured on the album, these Forces are fresh.  (Even note the heart on the tongue.)

Props to HighSnobiety.


Creative Recreation!

13 05 2008

This sneaker brand is dope. Best thing is they’re doing the women’s footwear just as aggressively as they are the mens. Love it. Here are my favorites. Enjoy.

Cesario W (Teal/Lavender/Black)

Creative  Rec. Cesario W

Gallo Hi (Silver/Blue/White/HotPink)

Creative Rec. Gallo Hi

Cesario Lo (Khaki/White/Safari)

Creative Rec. Cesario Lo

Dicoco W (Black/White/Cheetah)

Creative  Rec. Dicoco W

Adidas Consortium Super Skate!

9 05 2008


Adidas Consortium Superskate - HighSnobiety.com

Also check out my “Sneaker” page.  I added my inaugural pair to the gallery!  I’m on my way 🙂

BK’s are BACK!!

1 05 2008

Along with LA Gear, I remember BKs. I remember my cousin had them and I wanted them too. Even though I was only 5 years old, I knew when I saw something fly. And so to my surprise, British Knights were relaunched today, 1 May 2008. So, I’m thinkin to myself, I should get some. That would make a nice little treat for the summer…well, that won’t be happening any time soon. One thing about BKs that I don’t remember is them being so damn expensive.

BK - Supreme Hi Strap

British Knights – Supreme Hi Strap – $149.99

Actually, I don’t remember any of these new, highly popular reincarnations of classic sneakers being so expensive back in the day. So here’s what I say, if you’re gonna bring back the old sneakers, bring back the old price too.

Starting my Collection

25 04 2008

I have officially started my sneaker collection. My inaugural pair are 25th Anniversary Reebok Freestyle Candles Hi-Top.

I had to buy this pair for two reasons:

1.) One of the special release 25th Anniversary Freestyles

2.) Any shoe that makes me smile, gets my vote…and my money. It was love at first sight.

25th Anniversary Freestyle Candles

And these ain’t no novelty…Please believe you will see me in these 🙂


24 04 2008

Browsing around on teh internets (sorry, just finished reading LOL Cats)…

Browsing around on the internet, I found two sites that were of great interest to me.  First:
Female Sneaker Fiend Logo

Female Sneaker Fiend

While limited funds, being vertically challenged (i.e. heels), and a 12 year, personal Nike ban prevent me from attaching this label to myself, I am thoroughly fascinated.  And when funds will allow, I plan on starting a nice little collection for myself.


Format Mag Logo

Format Magazine

I found an article on Dizzee Rascal on this site.  After reading it, I proceeded to navigate around the rest of the site.  There’s some cool ish on there.  Check it out.  I’m not too internet/computer savvy (I still write a majority of papers by hand before typing them), but I have to warn you that the Format site is strange to navigate.  (Or that could just be me. Like I said…)