S is for Santogold

30 07 2008


I’ve posted about Santogold before…but now that she’s turning into the next “hipster it-girl” (Or whatever phrase you’d like to attach to her success), I feel the need to keep up with her.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the song created for Converse featuring Pharrell + Santogold + Julian Casablancas “My Drive Thru.”

Pharrell + Santogold + Julian Casablancas – My Drive Thru

And the video/commercial…

Can’t say that I really enjoy the song. Rather than being a well-executed, synthesized performance by three talented musicians, it sounds more like three artists, with three distinct and separate sections doing their individual thing over a Pharrell beat.

From Stereogum, here’s the Diplo rmx of Santogold “Starstruck”

Santogold – Starstruck (Diplo Rmx)

And a b-side from rcrdlbl

Download “Your Voice” here

There’s my Santi update.

Until later.


I believe in SANTOGOLD.

5 05 2008

Santi White aka Santogold

I’m in love with Santi White. And you should be too. If you’ve cruised by my Myspace page anytime in the last 5 months, you might have heard a song by Santogold (just depends on what song played from my music player). She has her dedicated fans and new ones that’ll hear her at an M.I.A. or Gnarls Barkley concert. But here’s her first break into the mainstream. Not like she’ll stay there, but a commercial can do wonders for a career (Feist and iPod; Sara Bareilles and Rhapsody and I would say Cool Kids, but it’s not their time yet).

Bud Light Lime & Santogold song “Creator”

And here are two tracks off of her debut album, Santogold. Released April 29th.


Creator (My personal favorite)