Adam Tensta

22 05 2008

I’m going crazy. I think someone else posted about this cat, but I’m not sure who. So, if it’s you, I’ll give you your props…just as soon as you tell me who you are 🙂 (Addition 6.3.08: Thanks to TheGrip for the subconscious tip on Mr. Tensta)

Adam Tensta

Give him a listen. I could box him into a category, tell you about his background and all the other crap reviewers like to do, but this is one artist I really want you to just listen to. I will tell you that he raps. But that’s it.

I did make one choice for you. I posted videos of him, not just audio. There’s a reason for that.

Enjoy. (Or not, the choice is yours.)

“My Cool”

“Before U Know It”

MySpace: Adam Tensta – “It’s a Tensta Thing”


Miss Rap Supreme

22 04 2008

Do you remember Khia?  I’m talking about “My neck, my back, lick my…” And if you listened to a Top 100/Pop radio station in 2002 at all, then you can finish that lyric.

Well, Khia is back!  Or at least trying…

Most recently, she could be seen on the tasteful and classy show “Miss Rap Supreme.”  Honestly, I don’t even know what channel this show airs on, but from this clip, I shouldn’t really care.

Somebody please explain to me why some people feel it necessary to act a fool NO MATTER where they are?  Just watch the clip….