Barack the Vote

5 06 2008

Who’s excited for November/January? That would be me. (And hopefully you too!)

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Familial Relations: Arulpragasam

19 05 2008


If you’re somebody, then you’ll recognize that last name.

Given name: Mathangi Arulpragasam, also known as, M.I.A.  Well, talent runs in the fam.  Maya has an older sister, Kali Arulpragasam.  Kali is an artist and has a jewelry line called SuperFertile.  It’s jewelry with something to say.  The art of the Arulpragasam family is never just because, there’s ALWAYS a point.

For the latest line, Kali designed large…necklace-medallion-sculptures based off of the culture of war-torn countries such as Sudan, Haiti and her native Sri Lanka.

Left: Haiti; Right: Iraq

Left: Sri Lanka; Right: Sudan

The Jewelry: SuperFertile

More info on Kali: PAPERMAG Article – Apr 1, 2008

More About Me…part 1

28 04 2008

So I figured it’s about time to create a proper intro. The problem is, I don’t know what someone else would find interesting about me. I think everything about me is interesting but I’m not so shallow as to believe everyone else feels the same. So I’ll do something social-networking-site-esque.

Age: Old enough to drink legally but not at my quarter life mark yet.

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Religion: To me, religion is a personal journey and by not sharing that info, my personal journey will remain as such.

Politics: I’m liberal. Very liberal. I’m not going to say more than that. I wish the US had more than two viable political parties because I honestly don’t like either. But I love Obama.

Occupation: I wish I had one…so I guess it’s something like I’m a “Someone-please-hire-me-now Specialist”

Activities/Interests: I’m an alum of ΔΔΔ. I love baking. I enjoy playing/watching sports–my favorites are college basketball (men’s and women’s), football (pro), baseball (go Cards!), hockey (yes, I’m black), and tennis (because I wish I knew how to play). I’m in love with music. I enjoy giving of my time and talents without monetary compensation (aka volunteering). I’m obsessed with shoes (not Crocs or flip flops–those are the lazy person’s lame excuse for shoes) and own about 65 pairs.


  • Food–pasta, rice “milk”, apples, pears, greens (collards and turnip mix), marshmallows
  • Books – Metamorphosis (Kafka), Rhinoceros (Ionesco), Fear and Trembling (Kierkegaard), Rubyfruit Jungle (Rita Mae Brown), On The Road (Kerouac)
  • TV shows–GOOD EATS, IRON CHEF AMERICA!!!! I love Alton Brown!!, ATHF, The Oblongs, Squidbillies,Family Guy, almost anything on HGTV, Star Trek TNG/Voyager/DSN, Battlestar Galactica, wedding shows
  • Movies–Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Clueless, I Heart Huckabees, V for Vendetta
  • Day of the Week–Thursday, Saturday
  • Number–11, 2011
  • Places–London, Washington DC

Um, so that’s enough for now. I’ll do this in installations because I’m tired. Tomorrow, part 2.

From Jon Taplin’s Blog: The Speech Barack Can’t Give

24 04 2008

If you haven’t already read this blog entry, do it.

Don’t hesitate, don’t say you will later, just do it now.

“The Speech Barack Can’t Give”

We Are The Ones. Video

22 04 2008

So, I’m sure I’m late on this (like months late), but pretty much anything Obama is worth posting over and over and over.