S is for Santogold

30 07 2008


I’ve posted about Santogold before…but now that she’s turning into the next “hipster it-girl” (Or whatever phrase you’d like to attach to her success), I feel the need to keep up with her.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the song created for Converse featuring Pharrell + Santogold + Julian Casablancas “My Drive Thru.”

Pharrell + Santogold + Julian Casablancas – My Drive Thru

And the video/commercial…

Can’t say that I really enjoy the song. Rather than being a well-executed, synthesized performance by three talented musicians, it sounds more like three artists, with three distinct and separate sections doing their individual thing over a Pharrell beat.

From Stereogum, here’s the Diplo rmx of Santogold “Starstruck”

Santogold – Starstruck (Diplo Rmx)

And a b-side from rcrdlbl

Download “Your Voice” here

There’s my Santi update.

Until later.


Chicks Who Kick Awards – Most Original

1 05 2008

I’m not really doing a silly awards list, but if I were, I would give the award for “Most Original Music Artist” to….



But for reals, I just wanted a way to talk about one of my favorite female music artists.

In general, I love Kelis before the hair change (i.e. BEFORE NAS ). Back then, she was my #2…only second to Janet. Now that Kelis is married to Nas, straightened and cut the hair, and making hip pop, radio-friendly music, she’s somewhere in the top 10, but no longer top 3. Although, I do have to give her props for her last album, Kelis Was Here. That album was not as radio-friendly as expected and as a result, Kelis was dropped from Arista. Good for her. Not that she lost her record deal, but that she’s being true to herself. I just think she needs to find a small label (StarTrak?) that will allow her to release music that is uniquely Kelis, get back to working with Pharrell/Neptunes…AAAAND, stop trying to make her hubby proud. (Why is it that my fav female artists ALWAYS change when they get married/hugged up with someone?!? Kelis did it, Janet did it.)

Anyway, here are some of my most favoritest 🙂 videos/songs from Kelis. ENJOY!

Kelis – Young, Fresh + New

(NOTE: Heidi Klum @ 1:13 (They used to be besties). Kelis’ props to Star Trak @ 2:55. Pharrell himself @ 3:14.)

Kelis – Caught Out There

Pretty awesome video in general. And this song couldn’t get any better. Look for a Madea-looking mama @ 4:10 and Pharrell looking all young and unattractive @ 4:22.

Kelis – Good Stuff

Seldom heard song from her album Kaleidoscope. Features Pharrell and Clipse @ 3:53. Good stuff.

Kelis – Milkshake

Fond memories of freshman year at Butler and trying to get my hips to move like hers (see 1:50).

(NOTE: I’ve unsuccessfully found a link to the Milkshake video that allows the video to be embedded. Arista/Sony-BMG is keeping their stuff theirs… Makes me a little sad, but here’s the link.)

Kelis – Milkshake Video – You Tube

Kelis – Trick Me

No comments. Just enjoy. 🙂

Also, here’s a fun little rare video. The original Milkshake video…. The audio and video are off, but still interesting.