Off-Topic and Religion Related

12 06 2008

Ugh, I don’t like using this for overly personal reason, but I’m effing annoyed as hell and need to share it with someone.  Anyone.

Warning: Discussion of religion to follow.  So if you’re a person of faith (ANY faith) and tend to be close-minded and judgmental (which is another topic in itself), please either refrain from reading this or refrain from commenting.


My mother is a wonderful woman with an addiction to chain emails.  🙂  Yesterday she sent me one with the subject of “Prayer for Barack”  or something like that.  I generally open them all, because…I’m quite often bored.  I open this one.  It’s just a general Christian chain email with prayers, Bible passages and such.  I noticed that a random stranger had commented on the fact that this email had been sent using several different business/organization email addresses.  He made a silly comment about organizations not promoting a single candidate and I replied (accidentally…oops) to all on this chain mail about how that was an unnecessary and silly comment to make.  This opened the “holier-than-thou” floodgates.

I’m a huge believer in the power of religious convictions.  I mean, with the state of the US and world, how could you not?  Even the most adamant atheist would have to say that religious beliefs have power in people’s lives.  However, I’m also a huge believer in religion being a personal experience and journey.  Well, the people on this email list OBVIOUSLY don’t think that way because for the entire day, I have been deleting email messages sent to me about how God’s love could help me, Bible passages about the power of prayer…blah, blah, blah.  I’m sick of people assuming that I should think a certain way about religion because I’m black, or I was raised Methodist or a whole slew of other ways people can classify me.  My personal religious journey—which is still happening to this very moment—is just that: PERSONAL.  And I just wish that everyone else could respect that.  If you, as a Christian, would like for me to “live in God’s light” or “see the beauty of His works” then hopefully, all I have to do is look at your life and see how wonderful it is.  I don’t need for you to shove anything down my throat or into my brain.  Just lead by example.  That should be persuasion enough, right?  You as a Christian should be the best billboard for His goodwill and blessings.
This whole stupid situation was started because, yet again, I forgot that the whole world is filled with closed-minded individuals and being able to make a comment about anything is forbidden.  AAAAAAAAAA!  My comment wasn’t even about Christianity or the prayer, or anything religious.  I just spoke my mind to the wrong crowd.

Or I can just chalk it up to the fact that the man who made that pointless remark is a McCain supporter.

I’m done.  No more personal tirades for awhile.  Promise.


Keith Olbermann on Sen. Clinton

6 06 2008

Not often, but sometimes Keith Olbermann gets on my nerves. This is definitely not one of those times.

Countdown — Keith Olbermann — May 23, 2008

Barack the Vote

5 06 2008

Who’s excited for November/January? That would be me. (And hopefully you too!)

Get your Barackawear apparel NOW!

Barackawear Pink&Grey Barackawear Black&Gold

More About Me…part 1

28 04 2008

So I figured it’s about time to create a proper intro. The problem is, I don’t know what someone else would find interesting about me. I think everything about me is interesting but I’m not so shallow as to believe everyone else feels the same. So I’ll do something social-networking-site-esque.

Age: Old enough to drink legally but not at my quarter life mark yet.

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Religion: To me, religion is a personal journey and by not sharing that info, my personal journey will remain as such.

Politics: I’m liberal. Very liberal. I’m not going to say more than that. I wish the US had more than two viable political parties because I honestly don’t like either. But I love Obama.

Occupation: I wish I had one…so I guess it’s something like I’m a “Someone-please-hire-me-now Specialist”

Activities/Interests: I’m an alum of ΔΔΔ. I love baking. I enjoy playing/watching sports–my favorites are college basketball (men’s and women’s), football (pro), baseball (go Cards!), hockey (yes, I’m black), and tennis (because I wish I knew how to play). I’m in love with music. I enjoy giving of my time and talents without monetary compensation (aka volunteering). I’m obsessed with shoes (not Crocs or flip flops–those are the lazy person’s lame excuse for shoes) and own about 65 pairs.


  • Food–pasta, rice “milk”, apples, pears, greens (collards and turnip mix), marshmallows
  • Books – Metamorphosis (Kafka), Rhinoceros (Ionesco), Fear and Trembling (Kierkegaard), Rubyfruit Jungle (Rita Mae Brown), On The Road (Kerouac)
  • TV shows–GOOD EATS, IRON CHEF AMERICA!!!! I love Alton Brown!!, ATHF, The Oblongs, Squidbillies,Family Guy, almost anything on HGTV, Star Trek TNG/Voyager/DSN, Battlestar Galactica, wedding shows
  • Movies–Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Clueless, I Heart Huckabees, V for Vendetta
  • Day of the Week–Thursday, Saturday
  • Number–11, 2011
  • Places–London, Washington DC

Um, so that’s enough for now. I’ll do this in installations because I’m tired. Tomorrow, part 2.

From Jon Taplin’s Blog: The Speech Barack Can’t Give

24 04 2008

If you haven’t already read this blog entry, do it.

Don’t hesitate, don’t say you will later, just do it now.

“The Speech Barack Can’t Give”

We Are The Ones. Video

22 04 2008

So, I’m sure I’m late on this (like months late), but pretty much anything Obama is worth posting over and over and over.