24 04 2008

Browsing around on teh internets (sorry, just finished reading LOL Cats)…

Browsing around on the internet, I found two sites that were of great interest to me.  First:
Female Sneaker Fiend Logo

Female Sneaker Fiend

While limited funds, being vertically challenged (i.e. heels), and a 12 year, personal Nike ban prevent me from attaching this label to myself, I am thoroughly fascinated.  And when funds will allow, I plan on starting a nice little collection for myself.


Format Mag Logo

Format Magazine

I found an article on Dizzee Rascal on this site.  After reading it, I proceeded to navigate around the rest of the site.  There’s some cool ish on there.  Check it out.  I’m not too internet/computer savvy (I still write a majority of papers by hand before typing them), but I have to warn you that the Format site is strange to navigate.  (Or that could just be me. Like I said…)