LOL Cat!

12 06 2008

I haven’t posted one in a while.¬† Enjoy.


Today’s LOL Cat

7 05 2008

It’s ok kitteh. I feel like that in my family sometimes.

Shadow Brother Cat

Today’s LOL Cat!

2 05 2008

Preying Mantis Kitty

Today’s LOL Cat!

30 04 2008

Some of you might be wondering about my interest in the “I Can Has Cheezeburger?” Blog LOL Cats. I am the proud owner of a beautiful almost 2 year old cat named Evie [sic] (ref: V for Vendetta). I love animals in general, but I’ve always had a special place for cats (domestic and wild). Evie has some distinct behaviors, so many of the pictures I choose are ones that closely exhibit her actions.

And with that…ENJOY.

Ur Awake


Today’s LOL Cat!

23 04 2008

Dryer Kitty