Life happens…

8 10 2008

…and I don’t deal very well.

Anyway, to those who cared about this little blog of mine, I have to apologize for my two month absence. Life happened, and I didn’t deal. But now, I’ve found what I was looking for—-a job, and stopped looking for something else—-a truly meaningful relationship with another human being.

Whatever. I’M BACK.


I remember when…

19 05 2008

Cd’s are cool. Computers are great. Websites and the internet are even better. iPods/mp3 players are the best. But what do I miss?

  • I miss watching my Dad put a record on the turntable.
  • I miss the scratches that gave his record collection a certain soul and character beyond the actual song being played.
  • I miss cassette decks.
  • I miss sitting in my room, drawing or reading…just waiting for that new hot joint to come on the radio.
  • I miss hearing that new song on the radio, getting excited and jumping up off my bed to go press the record button on my dual cassette deck tape player.
  • I miss real mixtapes. Not even mix CDs…mixtapes.
  • I miss giving a mixtape to someone to let them know how you felt about them, or to remind them of the good times.

Muxtape, podcasts and all those things are wonderful, but there’s nothing like giving/receiving a mixtape. Knowing that someone put a certain amount of thought and a whole lot of effort into that creation was something special. And can’t even be touched by a website. Your mouse goes: click, click, click, and done. Not even close.

I miss my childhood. Those were the really good days. And the crazy thing is, it wasn’t that long ago…a quarter of my life has passed.

We just don’t live long enough…

Cassette Love

Typical Girly Rant.

29 04 2008

OK, I don’t know a whole lot about the world, but I’m damn sure of this…

This pretty girl is DONE with pretty boys.

I’ll take a guy with a genuine personality any day. But please, no more pretty boys…



Ok, I’m done. Please forgive me for that. And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging.