Flashing Lights Videos Leaked

2 06 2008

Or so says the man himself. Straight from Kanye’s Blog:

I shot 3 vids for flashing lights cuz I ain’t like the first 2. I loved the 3rd one that I released with Spike and hit the world with that. I actually had Sam Speigal , Spike’s brother and co-orchestrater of THE TOUR MUSIC, do a remix 2 the scary one 2 make the music fit. I planned 2 put it on a DVD later this year. No rant’s here just an explanation of why yall getting those other vids rt now that I ain’t approve and why I ain’t finna post neither on my blog. So I hope whoever leaked them got the shine they was looking 4 cause that’s all they’ll get now. And I know that’s incorrect english but that’s how I talk when I want 2. Oh and I’ve just been 2 busy 2 get at the New York Times for all that his Ego BLAH BLAH BLAH bullshit so stay tuned. For fun, I want yall 2 read this whole post in the Grandma’s Boy JP robot voice LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

And just so everyone knows, in my not-so-humble opinion, using numbers as words should be left to 14-year-old girls in AIM chat and the occasional text.

Oh, and Ye’s reference to Grandma’s Boy. Check it out. 🙂

And lastly, all three Flashing Lights videos:

#1 — The one Kanye liked; the “Official” video

#2 — Uh, he just didn’t like it…

#3 — Didn’t want to release, but was going to but on the DVD later


Flashing Lights #3

29 05 2008

Ok, so this is reportedly the last video.  However, I think this is some sick game of Kanye’s.  “Let’s seehow much garbage the consumer will eat up?”  Or perhaps, “How can I stretch the longevity of this album?”

Flashing Lights  – Version Three

New Version “Flashing Lights” video

25 05 2008

Kanye’s just having fun…  What’s this, the second, maybe third version of the video for this song??