Familial Relations: Arulpragasam

19 05 2008


If you’re somebody, then you’ll recognize that last name.

Given name: Mathangi Arulpragasam, also known as, M.I.A.  Well, talent runs in the fam.  Maya has an older sister, Kali Arulpragasam.  Kali is an artist and has a jewelry line called SuperFertile.  It’s jewelry with something to say.  The art of the Arulpragasam family is never just because, there’s ALWAYS a point.

For the latest line, Kali designed large…necklace-medallion-sculptures based off of the culture of war-torn countries such as Sudan, Haiti and her native Sri Lanka.

Left: Haiti; Right: Iraq

Left: Sri Lanka; Right: Sudan

The Jewelry: SuperFertile

More info on Kali: PAPERMAG Article – Apr 1, 2008


Acrylick: The Message Is the Concept.

17 05 2008

Acrylick Clothing Company

Men’s and Women’s Apparel and Accessories. Mostly t-shirts and hoodies, but that’s enough for me. Best thing is, here’s a company that hasn’t lost its mind and thinks it can charge $50 for a tee.

Favorite t-shirts:

LEFT: First Love ($25); RIGHT: Star Track ($25)

Hellz Bellz

13 05 2008

I’m on a fashion roll.

This hoodie is an old creation of Hellz Bellz, but it’s worth posting.  I wish I could get my hands on one.

Militia HoodieBurka

Oh dear.  It’s so delightfully distasteful and offensive.


Dime Piece Summer 2008

13 05 2008

More in fashion…

I love the women’s apparel brand, Dime Piece (Perfect 10 baby). The summer 2008 line is better than ever. If anyone needs to buy me something for any occasion, like hypothetically, let’s say you’re my BF and you royally fucked up, or you’re a close friend and you forgot my NON-COMBO birthday + Christmas presents (December babies get robbed), you can redeem yourself with a purchase of anything from the summer 08 line. Good job.

My absolute favorites: The SHESUS Tank ($45) and L.A. Legs ($65)! Check em.

Shesus TankLA Legs

Elemental Threads

1 05 2008

Probably one of the coolest ideas. I know my cousin in ATL bought custom-made
handbags for her sister and mother, but knowing her, those things cost $200-300 each. Well, here’s an option for a woman on a budget. Elemental Threads| Design a Bag. The bags range from a small pouch ($14) to a large round tote ($75). All bags are created from custom fabrics, by the company owner, Emily.

Elemental Threads

I plan on getting one, and you should too.


24 04 2008

Browsing around on teh internets (sorry, just finished reading LOL Cats)…

Browsing around on the internet, I found two sites that were of great interest to me.  First:
Female Sneaker Fiend Logo

Female Sneaker Fiend

While limited funds, being vertically challenged (i.e. heels), and a 12 year, personal Nike ban prevent me from attaching this label to myself, I am thoroughly fascinated.  And when funds will allow, I plan on starting a nice little collection for myself.


Format Mag Logo

Format Magazine

I found an article on Dizzee Rascal on this site.  After reading it, I proceeded to navigate around the rest of the site.  There’s some cool ish on there.  Check it out.  I’m not too internet/computer savvy (I still write a majority of papers by hand before typing them), but I have to warn you that the Format site is strange to navigate.  (Or that could just be me. Like I said…)