Aphex Twin @ Coachella

4 06 2008

I’m not a huge Aphex Twin fan. I can appreciate what he’s done to revolutionize electronic music or whatever, but sometimes the stuff he produces gets to be a little twisted and indiscernible. I know people will say that about DnB, but I’m just sayin…

Aphex Twin

This DJ set is weak up until about halfway, at about 25 mins, and then gets to the stuff I don’t like at about 52 mins. But….for the 25 mins or so that’s in between, it’s madness. Love it.


New Mixes dot com

19 05 2008

Great, no frills website. New Mixes is a great site for anyone who likes electronic music. Of course, I frequent the site for drum+bass, breakbeat and house mixes (maybe the occasional dubstep), but there’s something for all EDM lovers. Even funk, jazz and reggae.

These aren’t your average bedroom DJ mixes either. From my experience, they are usually mixes from respected DJs live shows and radio shows. For D+B, they are mostly from Radio1, a UK radio station. All mixes are free to download. Check it out.