Eat a phallic symbol, produce a phallus

25 04 2008

So, anyone who has ever listened to me knows I don’t want a child for a loooooong time. I’m talking about another 6 or 7 years. But when I do decide to bring a little one into this awful world, I’m going to have a high-calorie diet and consume a lot of potassium, i.e. bananas. (Did I mention, I HATE bananas?) Why am I going to change my diet you might ask? And even if you aren’t asking why, I’m going to tell you anyway. Because that’s the point of me blogging and you reading this.

You: Why are you going to change your diet before conceiving?

Me: Because of this wonderful article I read today.



And I really want a little boy. I want a house full of boys and one girl. 🙂

Boys are great and I want to be a mother to great boys. Hahaha…