Stylin’ — Amanda Blank

22 12 2008

Check out this article from Venus Zine on the always entertaining Amanda Blank.

“Style Idol: Amanda Blank”

I already liked the girl, but this article gave me one more reason to like her— she’s a white girl who wraps her hair!!!  Haha.



Amanda Blank

6 06 2008

Spank Rock + Amanda Blank – Loose

I love her.

That’s all.

“Don’t put me in a box…I’m claustrophobic.”

6 06 2008

I don’t think URB could have done a better video. The Cool Kids, Roxy Cottontail and Amanda Blank.  All three of them in one video?! I could play it all day.

So, The Cool Kids are great. Roxy Cottontail is the shit. And little Amanda Blank is my inspiration. 😉 And she has one of THE dirtiest mouths ever. I love it.

Seriously, if anyone remembers when I had the two-tone hairstyle, check out Amanda in this video and you’ll see where I got the idea from.

VIMBY/URB w/ The Cool Kids, Roxy Cottontail + Amanda Blank