The Roots + Lil Wayne

10 10 2008

So this is everywhere, but I had to post it too.

Check out this version of “A Milli” performed in Miami.  Just when I thought I was tired of this song…And yes, that’s ?uestlove keeping up with every single “a milli” as well as holding down the beat.


Radiohead + Diplo

8 10 2008

Yeah, you read the title correctly.  One of my favorite producer/DJs Diplo remixed Radiohead’s “Reckoner.”  Now, I’m not a huge Radiohead fan, but I’ll listen to this.  Check it out.


Radiohead – Reckoner (Diplo Rmx)

Life happens…

8 10 2008

…and I don’t deal very well.

Anyway, to those who cared about this little blog of mine, I have to apologize for my two month absence. Life happened, and I didn’t deal. But now, I’ve found what I was looking for—-a job, and stopped looking for something else—-a truly meaningful relationship with another human being.

Whatever. I’M BACK.

Kanye – Love Lockdown video.

7 10 2008

I wasn’t a fan of this song when I heard it on the MTV VMAs…and I’m still not a big fan of it.  But I love Kanye, and I can appreciate the evolution of an artist.

I love this video.  It inspired me to post to my blog again…something I haven’t done in two or more months.  So that might be an indication of how much I enjoyed this video.

DnB finds religion.

4 08 2008

I really don’t want to preface this too much.  So let me just say that this is LOLs for days.  And days and days.

Thanks to a certain someone for the link.

Cats 101: An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

2 08 2008

A Butler associate of mine, Bess, posted this on her blog awhile back…

It has provided me with hours of entertainment, primarily because I love cats.

Take special note of the “Cat Yodeling” section.  And now, for your entertainment, “An Engineer’s Guide to Cats”

S is for Santogold

30 07 2008


I’ve posted about Santogold before…but now that she’s turning into the next “hipster it-girl” (Or whatever phrase you’d like to attach to her success), I feel the need to keep up with her.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the song created for Converse featuring Pharrell + Santogold + Julian Casablancas “My Drive Thru.”

Pharrell + Santogold + Julian Casablancas – My Drive Thru

And the video/commercial…

Can’t say that I really enjoy the song. Rather than being a well-executed, synthesized performance by three talented musicians, it sounds more like three artists, with three distinct and separate sections doing their individual thing over a Pharrell beat.

From Stereogum, here’s the Diplo rmx of Santogold “Starstruck”

Santogold – Starstruck (Diplo Rmx)

And a b-side from rcrdlbl

Download “Your Voice” here

There’s my Santi update.

Until later.