Stylin’ — Amanda Blank

22 12 2008

Check out this article from Venus Zine on the always entertaining Amanda Blank.

“Style Idol: Amanda Blank”

I already liked the girl, but this article gave me one more reason to like her— she’s a white girl who wraps her hair!!!  Haha.



808s + Heartbreak Custom Nikes

22 12 2008

All of Kanye’s new stuff has been banned from my listening devices.  808s and heartbreak breaks my heart (and hurts my ears) to listen to, but I feel no hesitation posting about these custom AF1s inspired by the 808s + Heartbreak artwork and Kanye’s “geek chic” attire.

Sneaker customizers MACHE and emmanueLabor created the ultimate in sneaker art.  From the houndstooth plaid, to the Kaws artwork featured on the album, these Forces are fresh.  (Even note the heart on the tongue.)

Props to HighSnobiety.

Andy Samberg does it again!

7 12 2008

Jizz In My Pants…Yes, that’s correct.

Tonight on SNL (a show I haven’t really watched since high school), Andy Samberg’s newest “music video” aired. With each one he gets better and better.

This song “Jizz in My Pants” was all about…well, the title’s fairly transparent. It’s “Dick in a Box” but about two times better.

Hopefully a link and lyrics to come….haha.


UPDATE (12/15/2008): VIDEO!!

You know what’s even better than the fact that this song is just wrong (in all the right ways)?

Answer–The lasers, the DJ, the lame lyrics, the tight pants, the JLS cameo, the KUFIYA! It’s so fabulously hipster. And this is coming from the girl that hates that label…and has Santogold “Creator” as her ringtone.

6126 by Lindsay Lohan

29 07 2008

I have a small obsession with Lindsay Lohan. First, I found out she’s dating a woman and I jumped for joy. (Maybe there’s hope for me.) Then, I found out that she and designer Kristi Kaylor created a fashion line featuring legwear–a fashion statement LiLo is known for. 6126 by Lindsay Lohan are fashionable leggings and ankle warmers with cheeky names like “Mr. President” (shown below). Note the kneepads…I wonder where the name came from??

They are a little pricey–ranging in price from $40 to $140–but if I find some in this humble city, I just might have to snatch them up.

I love LiLo, therefore I love 6126.

Puma Black Label

19 06 2008

My mama ingrained in me the idea that flip flops are made for two places—the shower and the pool/beach. To this day I have severe problems with wearing flip flops as everyday footwear. Not to mention the fatigue that I feel after attempting to walk/stand in them all day (memories of Lolla ’06).

Puma has created my alternative to the shower shoe–Black Label Lancio Sandal

Puma Black Label Lancio

I absolutely love this sandal because it provides the ease of the flip flop without the rubbery-ness, and just a touch more style.  Doesn’t look like you rolled out of bed and put just anything on your feet…although you probably DID just roll out of bed and put something on your feet.

Looking like you care doesn’t have to be hard and this shoe proves it.

Liam Kyle Sullivan aka KELLY!

6 06 2008

I have a confession to make.  I’m a closet Kelly fan.  This stuff is crazy-funny. Liam Kyle Sullivan is the GENIUS behind the character, Kelly.  Finding her fame in the form of internet videos, Kelly is the queen “betch” of the internet.  And I’m in love with her.

Thanks to Joey for posting this new video

“No Booty Calls”

And the one that started it all…


“Don’t put me in a box…I’m claustrophobic.”

6 06 2008

I don’t think URB could have done a better video. The Cool Kids, Roxy Cottontail and Amanda Blank.  All three of them in one video?! I could play it all day.

So, The Cool Kids are great. Roxy Cottontail is the shit. And little Amanda Blank is my inspiration. 😉 And she has one of THE dirtiest mouths ever. I love it.

Seriously, if anyone remembers when I had the two-tone hairstyle, check out Amanda in this video and you’ll see where I got the idea from.

VIMBY/URB w/ The Cool Kids, Roxy Cottontail + Amanda Blank