Something about me…Well, I’m twenty-something.  I live in Indianapolis, IN. I will forever be a JUNGLIST. (Yes, I have labeled myself. But no, it’s not the entirety of me.) I’m trying to get the hell out of college. At this point in my life, I have not heard a form or genre of music that I do not like. I might not like all artists in a genre, but there’s always one.

For me, music is beauty.

Is that a good start?

27 Apr 2008: So I figured it’s about time to add some more to this section. But I made it a post instead…


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24 04 2008

Yes, but…

Transcendence is an even better start (although you left out the “C”, just so you know).

You’re on the blogroll now. Keep the goodness comin’….

10 07 2008

This Is A Really Good Blog..Dont Know How I Came Across It But I Will Be Reading It Alot More

26 08 2008

Since you were kind enough to note Fancast in a previous post, we wanted you to be among the very first to know that a new and improved Fancast has JUST launched – and it’s one we think you and your audience will really enjoy. We will, of course, have the same great content (thousands and thousands of hours of free full length TV programs and movies) but they come in what we think is a much better user experience.

Everything from…
*a new video player
*an embeddable player
*a new movie page
*a new trailers page
*a new clips page
*ability to get/send email alerts to remind you when a TV show or movie is on so you will never have to miss it

…those are just some of the new features we are launching.

We heard our readers suggestions and we made it happen.

We are looking to have everything perfect for just after Labor Day, but, as a Fancast veteran, we wanted you to be among the first to tell us what you think about the new Fancast.

We are very serious about reacting to the ongoing feedback we get, and we think you will be pleased with the new version. But we’re not done yet. Take a look at the changes we made and please let us know what you think, and if there’s anything we can do to improve it even more.

Thanks again for your continued support on this site!!

Jim for


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