S is for Santogold

30 07 2008


I’ve posted about Santogold before…but now that she’s turning into the next “hipster it-girl” (Or whatever phrase you’d like to attach to her success), I feel the need to keep up with her.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the song created for Converse featuring Pharrell + Santogold + Julian Casablancas “My Drive Thru.”

Pharrell + Santogold + Julian Casablancas – My Drive Thru

And the video/commercial…

Can’t say that I really enjoy the song. Rather than being a well-executed, synthesized performance by three talented musicians, it sounds more like three artists, with three distinct and separate sections doing their individual thing over a Pharrell beat.

From Stereogum, here’s the Diplo rmx of Santogold “Starstruck”

Santogold – Starstruck (Diplo Rmx)

And a b-side from rcrdlbl

Download “Your Voice” here

There’s my Santi update.

Until later.


6126 by Lindsay Lohan

29 07 2008

I have a small obsession with Lindsay Lohan. First, I found out she’s dating a woman and I jumped for joy. (Maybe there’s hope for me.) Then, I found out that she and designer Kristi Kaylor created a fashion line featuring legwear–a fashion statement LiLo is known for. 6126 by Lindsay Lohan are fashionable leggings and ankle warmers with cheeky names like “Mr. President” (shown below). Note the kneepads…I wonder where the name came from??

They are a little pricey–ranging in price from $40 to $140–but if I find some in this humble city, I just might have to snatch them up.

I love LiLo, therefore I love 6126.

My goals for Indianapolis

9 07 2008

I have one goal for Indy:

  • This city needs to become so freakin awesome that we get a CRUNCH somewhere (and not in Carmel…that defeats the point)

Crunch logo

Just some of the highlights of Crunch membership:

  • Boxing Ring
  • Sun Deck
  • 3 Story “Fun Slide”
  • Peekaboo Showers (whatever those are I want one, they sound fun)
  • Live DJs in the evenings

If Indy had a fitness center/studio like Crunch…I’d cover my walls in mirrors. ‘Cause I would look that good.

De Tropix + Cherry B

9 07 2008

Cherry B is probably better known as “M.I.A.’s hype-girl”. But this lady from St. Vincent & the Grenadines is one part of the duo DE TROPIX. Check them out.

Cherry B and Instinct

Group: De Tropix

Location: London (and St. Vincent & the Grenadines)

Sound: Reggae/Dancehall/Club

Members: Cherry B — vocals, Instinct — producer, vocals

Songs to listen to: “Oi Oi Oi” — on Cherry B’s MySpace; “Tap Tap” — on De Tropix MySpace

“Oi” — on De Tropix MySpace

Here’s a video of Cherry and M.I.A. dancing at the Virgin Festival.

And here’s a vid of Cherry on Letterman with M.I.A. performing “Paper Planes”