J*DaVeY (I’m BACK!)

28 06 2008



I’m lovin the sound of J*DaVeY. The duo from LA is a breath of fresh air. NO, not just a breath, a deep after-passion inhalation/exhalation.

I know that people are going to tell me that I’m late on them. But it’s never too late to discover beauty.

My first exposure to J*DaVeY was the track “Take My Time” with the UK electro-soul group 4 Hero. Jack’s vocals on that song are sweet, innocent and sexy.

4Hero feat. J*DaVeY – Take My Time

And now, their debut album “The Beauty In Distortion + The Land of the Lost” drops July 1st.

Here’s another track to get you excited…

J*DaVeY – No More

Visit J*DaVeY’s MySpace page. I suggest listening to “Rock The Dancehall” and “Hi’s Lo’s.

And Watch this MySpace TV Video: J*DaVey Who New?

Peace. And it’s good to be back.




One response

1 07 2008

I think I gotta pick up some of there stuff.

Good post.

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