Puma Black Label

19 06 2008

My mama ingrained in me the idea that flip flops are made for two places—the shower and the pool/beach. To this day I have severe problems with wearing flip flops as everyday footwear. Not to mention the fatigue that I feel after attempting to walk/stand in them all day (memories of Lolla ’06).

Puma has created my alternative to the shower shoe–Black Label Lancio Sandal

Puma Black Label Lancio

I absolutely love this sandal because it provides the ease of the flip flop without the rubbery-ness, and just a touch more style.  Doesn’t look like you rolled out of bed and put just anything on your feet…although you probably DID just roll out of bed and put something on your feet.

Looking like you care doesn’t have to be hard and this shoe proves it.




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