Word A Day – RAKE

13 06 2008

rake \reyk\


An agricultural implement with teeth or tines for gathering cut grass, hay, or the like or for smoothing the surface of the ground.
Any of various implements having a similar form, as a croupier’s implement for gathering in money on a gaming table.

To gather, draw, or remove with a rake
To clear, smooth, or prepare with a rake
To clear (a fire, embers, etc.) by stirring with a poker or the like.
To gather or collect abundantly (usually fol. by in)

Yeah, yeah, you know the word rake. It’s a thing; it’s an action. So by now, you’re trying to figure out why I chose this word as a Word A Day selection.

Well, here’s a meaning I don’t think you were too aware of.

rake \reyk\

A dissolute or profligate person, esp. a man who is licentious; roué.

Origin: rakehell


This video posted on Kinetik’s facebook prompted this word entry.

Increasing our vocabulary one day at a time.




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