Missbehave Magazine

9 06 2008

So, I was at College and 54th on Friday, getting some Yats with Kevin and his friend Pam (?).  They went to a movie afterwards and I took a stroll around Broad Ripple.  My last stop was Northside News.  I always go in there to get Missbehave Magazine and to look at all the other crazy niche-market magazines.

Missbehave Mag Issue 7

I can’t seem to find Missbehave in the area I remember it being in so I start walking up to the counter to ask the person working where it is.  I look at the individual behind the counter and pause for a second.  Like one of those montage-life-flashback moments from a movie, I connect the individual I’m staring at, to the numerous pictures of the Mudkids I’ve been introduced to as of late.  Yep, it’s Russ.

It’s nice to meet someone that you’ve only seen and heard of.  Oh, and he gave me the link to his blog.  Check it out, it’s good:  Prehensile Tales

That’s all for now.




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