White People with Dreads

4 06 2008

Ok, in my NOT SO humble opinion, white people with dreads look ridiculous. Period.

This isn’t a entry about the cultural appropriation of locs. Or about cultural appreciation of Rasta culture and the historical meanings of locs. Nothing about disliking countercultures, or hating white people.  No calling anyone a dirty hippie (to their face at least:-) ).  No debate here—just my opinion. They look silly.

Now, I’ve been known to wear extensions. Hell, I do it all the time. And that could be seen as some sort of cultural appropriation. But I do know this—I don’t look half as silly with a 14″ silky in as those white kids with the dreads do.

So here’s a gallery dedicated to the absurdity that is white boy/white girl dreads.

(And to anyone who thought all this stuff on head was all mine, thanks. I’ll let my stylist, Rhonda, know she did a good job.)




3 responses

4 06 2008

Dreads totally gross me out.

Other things that gross me out include: cauliflower ear, mold, and Alexis Arquette.

22 12 2008

dude those are all horrible representations of “white people dreads”

2 08 2013

I am white and I completely agree:)

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