Yelle + TTC

29 05 2008

The French are hilarious. Even though they are weaklings at war, they’re usually good at keeping up with—if not creating—new trends and popular culture, worldwide.

Yelle and TTC are no exception.


Yelle is cute and oh so French. She’s unapologetic about her whiteness (and I appreciate it). But don’t let her adorable, eternal 17-year-old physique fool you. This young lady is anything but a lady. Her songs are about flirting, sex, orgasms and general naughtiness. (All deciphered with my minimal knowledge of French.)

Yelle – “Je Veux Te Voir” (I Want To See You)

In classic MC form (I use the term “MC” loosely), this is a response song to the group TTC’s song “Girlfriend”.

And here’s a remix of her song “A Cause De Garçons” (Eng. translation: Because of Men). A song about impressing men, I think. Or the things women have to go through b/c of men…something like that.

A Cause de Garçons (Booster Rmx)



Again, funny funny Frenchies. MC’s Cuizinier, Teki Latex, Tido Berman and DJ Orgasmic comprise the members of the group TTC. Physically unattractive and lyrically crude, they’ve created a style of electro/pop influenced French hip hop that’s sure to make you laugh (if you understand French…or can gather meaning from an online translator, read: BabelFish).

If you’re familiar with Kid Sister and have scoured the internets looking for anything of hers you can find (like me), then you’ll recognize the next song.
TTC – Telephone

My imperfect French skills have revealed to me that this song is about having to talk to girls on the phone…and how they would rather not. (Because apparently we don’t talk about anything interesting.)

And the song “Girlfriend”…This song is about a man demanding that his girlfriend “Lick it up like ice cream.” If you don’t get it, then you probably shouldn’t.

TTC – Girlfriend—no real video, but those are the guys.

This song about fellatio fits in with their other sexually charged songs—“Suce Moi Sale Pute” (Suck Me Dirty Whore) and “Frotte Ton Cui Par Terre” (Rub Your Ass On the Ground).
Oh Frenchie.




One response

25 07 2008

TTC is a great band! I agree. I wish you can understand the whole lyrics, they are really special 😀 For example, girlfriend, the begining is “i like pussies, when i come into tha club, all pussies’hore are wet, its useful, they re gonna be rubbed all night long, Bitch I’m your Pimp so suck my Dick for free…

I ve just open a blog in english about french music with some french rap like TTC. There are some videos by english subtitles. Have a look.

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