Adam Tensta

22 05 2008

I’m going crazy. I think someone else posted about this cat, but I’m not sure who. So, if it’s you, I’ll give you your props…just as soon as you tell me who you are 🙂 (Addition 6.3.08: Thanks to TheGrip for the subconscious tip on Mr. Tensta)

Adam Tensta

Give him a listen. I could box him into a category, tell you about his background and all the other crap reviewers like to do, but this is one artist I really want you to just listen to. I will tell you that he raps. But that’s it.

I did make one choice for you. I posted videos of him, not just audio. There’s a reason for that.

Enjoy. (Or not, the choice is yours.)

“My Cool”

“Before U Know It”

MySpace: Adam Tensta – “It’s a Tensta Thing”




One response

28 05 2008

That was me who posted about that dude! If you haven’t copped his album, It’s a Tensta Thing, go get it. Real sick.

I’m glad we have similar tastes!!! I’m Romer’s boy, BTW.

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