Old School: Disney Adventures Magazine

13 05 2008

Because I’m unemployed ( 😦 ), I have beaucoup time to surf the internets during the day….

The most recent post on one of my favorite blogs, ten22, reminded me of my childhood and my favorite childhood magazine, Disney Adventures.

Adventures cover

I had a subscription to this mag for 5 years—until I was about 12. I loved the “Weird Yet True” section with the crazy and useless facts, all the comic strips—Aladdin, Gorilla Gorilla!; and the best issues were the semi-annual 3D issues. I’m almost certain that I still have all of my 3D issues in my room at my parent’s house. And if I remember correctly, they’re all neatly preserved in ziploc baggies (just a little glimpse into my OCD). The free 3D glasses were the best…they could be used in the magazine, and sometimes even on the television specials. 3D TV….hells yeah.

Just a walk down memory lane.

@->– RIP Disney Adventures Mag  1990-2007 –<-@




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