Men I’d Like to Marry

12 05 2008

Wonderful entry, right? I don’t think I need to go into detail about this topic. I think you pretty much get it from the title.

1.) Alton BrownAlton Brown

Ok, so I know that’s weird. He’s old enough to be my dad. But I really do love this man. Amazing. If you know anything about me, and have seen his show, Good Eats, just once, then you know why I could spend the rest of my life with him…. 🙂



2.) Tommy Corn (Mark Wahlberg in I Heart Huckabees)

Tommy Corn - Mark Wahlberg

That movie, with it’s all-star cast of actors, wonderful score and truly thought-provoking script, would not have been the same, with out the character of Tommy Corn. I love Tommy Corn. And if he met me, he would love me just the same.


3.) Don Cheadle

Don CheadleBeautiful DARK black man. Yummy.

Hamburger Hill (hurray war movies). Rosewood. The Rat Pack. Traffic. Ocean’s Eleven. Crash. Hotel Rwanda. Ocean’s Twelve. Ocean’s Thirteen. Need I say more. Once again, already taken (committed but not married).




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