I dare you…

9 05 2008

…to open your mouth and say what you really think and feel.

I’ve reposted this blog entry before…it’s from my Myspace blog. This will be the third time I’ve reposted it. But it’s just one of those topics that’s just not going to go away. Something in my life is constantly reminding me of this blog entry and I feel the need to repost it. Just so people won’t forget. So here you go.


For anyone who’s reading this and wants to criticize me, go right ahead. I understand that some will never understand me.
(Maybe because they just don’t get it, or maybe because they don’t take the time to try).

Anyone who knows me, knows I have practically NOTHING against white people. Because of social environments I’ve been in my entire life, they make up most of my friends, are 50% of who I date and are generally, in my life at all times. However, this means that I tend to fulfill the role of “Educator.” Many times I find myself in situations where I have to inform my white friends of why certain things bother black people or why specific views are held within the black community.
(Of course the people criticizing me would say I’m not the best judge of this.)

Well, I would really like to go into detail about recent comments that have been made by individuals with whom I associate, but I’ll just say that from an outsider’s (white person’s) POV they were completely understandable, but in reality, unfounded and unresearched.

And now, to repost a portion of a rant from while ago:

What is wrong with this country? Yes, there’s a history of the oppression of blacks, and while it’s not as severe as it was in the 1930s or 40s, it’s still felt every day. And yes, more responsibility needs to be placed on the country as a whole (i.e. government) to correct the errors of the past. But come on people! Get your heads out of your asses! There is [at least limited] opportunity for all–might be harder to gain for blacks than whites, but black people are a strong and resilient people. We’re accustomed to having to work harder. So why not now? Why give up when the rewards of the hard work of past generations is ready to be realized?!

Ugh. I feel like no one understands. People are always trying to blame other people for the entirety of their problems. And like I said, the U.S. is to be blamed for many of the issues of past race relations…but what about now? The government has it’s role in the continuation of poor race relations and racial disparities. Nevertheless, there are many things that black people as a whole need only look in a mirror to find the transgressor…

With that said, I HAVE to add–

Black people do need to realize that not everything is someone else’s fault. But wow, white people need to realize that there’s only so much that a black individual can do. Take for example–ME. I come from a intact family, with hard working, financially stable parents, I did well in HS, continued on to college and will (inshallah) graduate with a BA. Seems wonderful, right? Well, I can tell you that my life has been nowhere near as difficult as some black people, but I still have to prove myself in every aspect of life simply because my skin looks different than the majority. I’ll call an employer for a job interview, talk to them for several minutes and set the interview. But when the interviewer is white, the second I walk in the door I can see the look of surprise on their face. “The girl I spoke to on the phone is black? That resume came from a little black girl?!” I’d be pretty f*cking well off if I was paid every time an employer, professor, or salesperson in a store patronized me.

I believe that I am doing something with the decades of civil rights advancements that the generations before me fought so hard for, and yet I’m still being treated as if I’m less than. So please, my white friends (or just white people in general) understand that throughout U.S. history you’ve had it easy. (Maaaaaaaybe you could argue marginalized whites like women, Jews or Irish, but even then, I’ve got an argument for that.) Don’t criticize the black community until you’re willing to also criticize you and your ancestors past and future transgressions. Don’t simply do what school teaches you to do–learn about slavery, Jim Crow, civil rights etc. and say racism is bad. NO! You have to be willing to do that and then take steps to make a difference. (Here’s a HINT: The easiest way to make a difference is to STOP thinking issues in the black community are a black ONLY problem.)

I’m not blaming today’s white population for the actions of the past generations. I would just like for them to stop propagating those actions and beliefs. Stop discriminating, stop using derogatory terms (for all races) with your family but not in public, and PLEASE…STOP pretending that racial disparities don’t exist.

(Oh, and here’s the bitch in me…WHITE PEOPLE: don’t get mad, or resolve that race issues are over because you know one or two black people who are wealthier than you or your family, drives a more expensive car, has more expensive clothes or has a better job. At this point in history, they are the exception. BLACK PEOPLE: Don’t get mad at that wealthy, well-to-do black family either. Instead, see what they did and try to emulate that. I understand that there is only so much that a black person can do to improve the situation they are in before they hit the racial glass ceiling, but you have to take those steps to improve before you can complain.)

Ok. I think I’m done.

If you feel the need to comment, please don’t resist.



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