More changes to Facebook…

8 05 2008

Note to all you Facebookers out there.  The layout of the your Facebook profile will be changing soon.  Again.  But this time it might make you happy.

New Facebook

So apparently, the new Facebook profile will have five tabs: Feeds, Info, Wall, Photos, and Boxes (like Apps, I’m assuming).  The user can then choose which tabs will show up on their “Main Page”.  If this is anything like what I believe it will be, it will clear up all the ridiculous and random apps that people love to include on their profiles. (I might be guilty of that…)

But I’ll be sad to see the original format go.

For more info on the change, here are two more articles:

CNet News – “New Facebook Profile Page”

Inside Facebook – “Facebook Profile Redesign – Detailed Specs + First Impressions”

The Inside Facebook article is very jargon-heavy…so if you’re like me and don’t really understand “computer speak” then you might steer clear of that one.  I’m just sayin.




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