This American Life

22 04 2008

My freshman year, I had the pleasure of meeting an interesting young man.  I don’t believe is name is essential to understanding this story. (But if you must know, just ask.  You might actually know him.)

It was early in the school year, October sounds about right.  (I remember he thoroughly enjoyed my nurse Halloween costume…) This young man was 21, about to graduate and strangely interested in me.  He never asked for more than my time and attention. (Not to say he didn’t want more.)  And I have to give him props for introducing me to one of the best pieces of radio journalism I’ve EVER heard.

This American Life.

One of our first…friendly outings (I hesitate calling them dates because they honestly weren’t) included dusk in Holcomb Gardens, pizza and listening to This American Life on PRI.  I never thought that my experiences with that individual would lead to a weekly love affair with radio.

And now to my delight, there is a LIVE This American Life event!

This American Life LIVE!—May 1st—Nationwide

Now, I’m getting ahead of myself, just a little.  I don’t know if this is showing anywhere in Indy.  Probably not.  But I’m writing this now because I don’t want to lose the excitement! 🙂

Addition (10:46am):  There is indeed a location in Indianapolis that is showing the live event.  Does anyone want to go with me???  PLEASE!!!!!

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